How it began.

Sports Aero Solutions

For more than a decade, aero and CFD expert Rob Lewis of TotalSim and Olympic gold medalist Chris Boardman, worked with some of the best athletes in the world to explore the effect of aerodynamics on their performance. Although hugely expensive the advances in aerodynamics they achieved were enormous. Because of this experience, Boardman and TotalSim wanted to make aerodynamics exploration available to the wider sporting world. In 2015 they teamed up with special projects expert Kieron Salter of KWSP to form a new company, Sports Aero Solutions Limited (SASL). The purpose of the partnership was to design and manufacture accessible, highly accurate, sport-specific wind tunnels, with a goal of providing cutting-edge knowledge for everyone, from sports enthusiasts, to elite athletes and coaches.

The Advantage Wind Tunnel (AWT)

Measurable performance

The AWT can run tests at every wind speed and angle an athlete can encounter. The highly sensitive balance measures all the forces acting on the cyclist/athlete, who is pedalling at a cadence and speed chosen by them.

The ultimate training tool.

Performance data is fed back live to the user in a language they choose; Newtons, Watts or Seconds. This is combined with real time imagery from 3 in-tunnel cameras to allow dynamic experimentation.

Value for money

Unlike most other wind tunnels the AWT is custom built for the task and designed to minimise running costs.  With few moving parts the tunnel is affordable to run and as a result can become a regular training tool for athletes.


What makes the Advantage Wind Tunnel unique?

It is bespoke and designed to meet aerodynamic requirements whilst being affordable to run.  This upgrades it from just an R&D tool into a training and R&D tool.

The design team know what is needed to win at the highest level. The tool-set is designed to give athletes an unparalleled advantage.

There are options to own or lease depending upon your requirements.

We are now taking orders for the Advantage Wind Tunnel.